Remembering Brooklyn

And so the journey began and our paths crossed.

With no intention to add another dog to our  family, I was visiting the local shelter with my mom and saw this beautiful yellow lab resting his head against the cage.  Commenting in my mind of what a beauty he was, I walked away with no more thoughts.

That night I had dreamed of this yellow lab. A woke from the dreams knowing with everything in me that I was to have that dog.  I looked him up on the website and was soon waiting for the doors to open.  Within 30 minutes, he was settled comfortably in my back seat. And that is where the journey began, December 16, 2006.

Not a moment of my life with him have I second guessed that decision.  Not a day has passed that I haven’t known in my heart that this dog was destined to share life with me.

Sharing life  meant unconditional love.  It meant always facing the backdoor in anticipation for when we would see each other again.  Sharing life meant being my silent companion as I discovered myself along a trail.  It meant his tail never stopped wagging.  Sharing life meant I was certain that I had known this being before, often stating that I was certain we were madly in love in another lifetime. When I cried and felt loss for events in my life that occurred, he was there with his big brown eyes and present moment energy reminding me of unconditional love and loyalty.

This morning we reached the end of our journey together.

I spent the morning sitting in the sun with my hands on his soft fur.  I gently touched him as I reminded him of all the trips through Palmer Park, the times we went swimming, bubble baths and ice cream cones. I reminded him that he was the best dog in the world. I reminded him that on that morning in December, he actually rescued me.

My face rested on his face as he took his last breath.  My tears softly landing on his muzzle, while I whispered words to him and thanked him for coming to me in my dreams that night.

Life with Brooklyn was worth every moment.  And I know his spirit is at peace,  I know that he is sitting on a star somewhere, resting……knowing that someday our paths will cross again.

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Brooklyn

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What a beautiful post to honor Brooklyn. We went through this with our black lab, Maggie in October. Such a sad time. Losing her was very difficult for all of us. We have been recently blessed with another four legged family member who has come into our lives and is helping us through the healing process. Your photos of Brooklyn are amazing.

  2. Hard to write…as my own tears seem to get in the way…your life has been blessed by having Brooklyn in it…and that has been a treasure for all of us who know you. You brought him the love that he needed – and he returned it all to you. Truly a spirit that makes the universe better.

  3. Tears in my eyes to read this. Sounds like a wonderful dog, a great companion, who will be missed. I am sorry for your pain, the dog members of our family are so hard to lose, so glad you went back for him in 2006. A nice tribute.

  4. Stacie my love. I am so sorry for your loss. But so happy you had the time together. He was a lucky dog and you were a lucky mama. I know I am late in getting this message to you. I hope you are doing okay. Love to you.

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