the light

I know that for each person and being that graces this planet there is an availability to allow the light within us to shine outward.  Through beliefs and experiences, our internal light can be muddied with doubts and ultimately dimmed, yet it is always available.

It is in the self-care  practice of loving yourself, one can begin to wipe the internal light off, to allow the light to shine brightly. When the light is shining brightly it reaches out and kisses those around you with the grace of life itself.

To love yourself means to take care of both the soul and the physical body.  For me this can look like a walk in nature, a talk with a friend, a bubble bath, a meditation, a reflection, and most importantly the practice of gratitude.

Today I am grateful for the opportunities I have to learn and to love.  I am grateful for the gift that is my girl–as she has unknowingly opened door after door of self discovery and growth.  I am grateful for the ease in which a lazy Sunday can bring.  I am grateful for knowledge and wisdom.  I am grateful for knowing that it is entirely up to me to wipe the internal light within so that it can shine not only for me but for others.

In gratitude.




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