As I strive to remember that practicing yoga occurs both on the mat, and off the mat, I have been recently revisiting intention in both areas of my life.

In my yoga practice, do I flop my mat onto the floor with little consciousness?  Do I have thoughts, judgments, evaluations, and labels for what my practice will be?  Do my hands meet my mat with intention?  Is my breath connected to asana?  Am I even aware of my breath?

Off the mat, do I move about my day with focus on the present? Am I mindful of my words, my actions and my thoughts?  Do I live with intention? Am I aware of the moment or I am connected with the story of the past and the expectation of the future?

My practice on the mat can be symbolic of my life.  It is either with intention, or it is not.  And the best part, is that I get to decide.


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