Halfway through 2011, I was recently took some time to review my journal for this year.  I went back to the intention that I had set for this year which was expansion.  To me that meant expansion in my thinking, my courage, my willingness to say yes, and my overall outlook on life.

In reflecting on the expansiveness of the year thus far, I see that I have indeed held my intention with mindfulness and continue to seek and allow opportunities into my life that will offer expansion.

Perhaps one of my greatest endeavors this year came completely unexpected.  Though the twists and the turns that it took in the beginning were painful, it has truly become a blessed part of my life.  What began as a blog post, I see it, became a direction that lead to the creation of a non-profit organization.

Embracing Spirit Yoga, Inc evolved from this very blog that I began years ago as a place to process my feelings and my thoughts.  The creation and the direction that it has taken along with the learning curve of business administration has definitely brought an expansion to my life. And so the intention of expansion came without effort, without pushing….it simply became.

I am not certain, nor do I have expectations, as to where the non-profit will lead, but for now it brings joy knowing that the seeds that were planted into the soil several years ago have pushed through the earth and are growing into something remarkable.  Each time I teach Yoga or participate in Embracing Spirit Yoga, I know that I am watering the plants with love and with intention.


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