Transition objects

I thought it was be useful to document the amazement that I had when my girl went on an outing without her usual stack of books.  This may seem like a minuscule event in the world of many people, but in our corner of the world it is one that warrants documenting.

For as long as I can remember she has had to carry an item with her, regardless of where we were going or who she was with.  This has included vacations, schools, trips to the store–you name it, she has to carry stuff.  Cumbersome loads of stuff that sat with her in the car for every trip we have ever made, every day to school, and every place that she has ever gone.

In the beginning the items included stuffed animals, dolls and books.    As she got older it became coloring books, books, bags, purses,video games and sometimes an occasional snuck in stuffed animal.  At home I became accustomed to the usual loads of stuff and stopped questioning it years ago.  At school we limited the quantity of items and kept the items to more school-like objects but always knew that the security that she needed in the act of carrying the object was essential for managing anxiety, especially during transitions.

And then we welcomed Zoloft into our lives.

I can’t wait to see if this new trend carries over to school.  Last year she carried a school bag, a purse, a gym bag, and a tote bag–that is an accurate indicator of her anxiety!


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