The Ol’ Attitude of Gratitude

In a state of pissiness at how fast the summer is going, I felt the need to sit down and find some attitude of gratitude for what summer has brought to me.

1. Twice in the last week my girl texted me that she misses me.

2.  My youngest boy is happy and full of joy.

3.  My oldest is growing in ways I could have only imagined a year ago.

4.  I see love every single day.

5. My best girl friend visited from Phoenix and we made time for a lovely hike.

6. I have a new doctor that listens.

7.  I can tell you the basic theories of Plato, Artistotle, Hume, Locke, Descartes, Kant, Berkely.

8.  I have a fairly certain plan for my next 4 years of college.

9.  The dog is proving to bring me great joy.

10.  My borrowed garden space is flourishing with veggies and sunflowers.

11.  Embracing Spirit Yoga has given and received amazing Yoga love.

12.  I found a new trail that grounds me like no other.

13.  I am discovering more about myself everyday.

14.  I grilled stuffed poblanos and  calabrese pizza.

15.  The minimal-ness of summer clothes brings me great happiness.


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