Within the trees

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each morning I take the dogs out for a morning walk.  It is here that the morning sun glistens through the forest of pine trees as my feet meet the forest floor one step at a time.  With each step, I hope to absorb the energy of the Earth to carry me throughout my day.

Certainly I can find gratitude for my life.  Certainly I can acknowledge the goodness that exists in my world among the chaos of the world at large.  And yet, my mind is clouded with feelings of sadness and at times with frustration.

I make a point of starting my day with intentions and positive thoughts.  I set the internal tone for my day with silence and affirmations.  Yet, the clouds of negativity return like afternoon storm clouds moving over the mountain.  I am unable to stop the dark clouds from rolling across my very being.

It was then within the trees that I heard the familiar voice. The inner wisdom of myself reminding me that I have choice.

Choice with how I spend my time, the college load I take on, the commitments that I so easily say ‘yes’ to, and the energy that I give away.



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