A Summer Semester

My first summer college semester is nearing its end.  It is the first time I actually took a college class IN the classroom, as my college career thus far has been strictly online.  While online has its benefits for a busy working girl like me, the interaction in the classroom has been richly rewarding.

Philosophy asked me to look at my beliefs and to look at my ability to think.  There were no answers in this class, but instead a slightly ajar door that invited me in.  The teacher had an amazing ability to guide me as a student towards the door, but ultimately it was up to me to step through the opening.  It was here that I was invited to explore reality, knowledge, God, and evil.  I took from this class the empowerment to think and to question.  I re-discovered the empowerment in choice.

Introduction to Social Work offered me opportunities to grow and to better understand my personal path towards service.  I realized my passion for the elderly and for the strengths within me to move forward.  I courageously made a decision to move ahead with a future in the field of Social Work.

I cannot say that Computer Literacy offered me anything more than practicing endurance for the hours of busy work completing projects of spreadsheets and powerpoints.  I suppose I learned the value of word art and font choice.

The summer semester offered me far more than I could have imagined.  I hope to hold the wisdom and the empowerment of questioning and thinking into all areas of my life.  I want to continue to be amazed at what I am capable of.  And to continue to be grateful at what my life offers me.


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