Wisdom of the Sunflower

Nature doesn’t hurry along, spending endless amounts of energy wishing that time would either pass faster or move slower.  Nature doesn’t anticipate the blossom, it simply exists in the moment and is content with the natural order that it is.

Catching myself anticipating the day that the sunflower will burst into yellow goodness, I realized the lessons embedded within nature.  For it seems just perfect that the sunflower is basking in the hot sun content with the timing of the blossom–it was me that was anticipating what it will become in a few short days, all the while missing the beauty of it as it is now.

With the wisdom of the sunflower as my spontaneous morning meditation, I soon was reflective on my habit of hurrying along the natural order of things.  Looking not at what is present, but what may be in the weeks or months, or even years to come.  Often missing the moment of beauty, and perhaps even the moment of blossom.

The sunflower will burst into yellow goodness when it is ready.  The sunflower will open to the world in the natural order.  The sunflower will be absolutely perfect, without any effort, and perfectly timed.


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