My Eulogy

The final assignment offered in my Philosophy class was to write your own eulogy.  It was an experience of great reflection and inner peace.

It was a lifetime that was spent seeking purpose and seeking freedom.  Spending much of my life grappling with feelings of worthiness and struggling with the ability to speak my truth it was not until my 30’s that I began to truly listen to the inner wisdom of my soul speaking.  I began to learn that my life has meaning beyond what was present in my life.  I began to learn that I was an eternal being that was spending time in this form, called Stacie. 

The things that I am most grateful are the challenges that I have faced and learning that I have choice. The challenges in my life caused heartache and pain and yet, I am grateful for the hurt that I experienced in my life because it was in those moments of pain, there was an opportunity to heal.  In that healing, I know that I have become a better human being and that my life had meaning.  Learning that I have choice and that I am solely responsible for my life created freedom from the constraints of a life of blame, hatred, and shame.  Instead, I learned through my challenges that I could choose a life of peace, happiness, and love.

I regret not listening to my inner wisdom and speaking my truth in times that I may have caused pain to others, particularly my children.  I regret making decisions in selfish ways that later caused pain.  I regret not always believing in myself.  I regret not always slowing down to enjoy the moment.

The message that I most importantly want to give my children is that they have within them to power to create a life of peace and happiness.  I would like to remind them to be willing to see the possibilities of anything and to say yes to life.  I want them to continue to seek and to learn about themselves.   I want them to know that choice creates empowerment and empowerment allows freedom.  I want them to know that they are valuable and to always speak their truth.  I want them to remember that no matter how painful or how joyful, each opportunity in life offers a chance to learn. I want them to remember to listen and move through life choosing to have an open mind and an open heart.

The single most important gift that this life gave to the world was creating a space for people to be exactly who they are and seeing the potential in others, including myself.

Finally, as my soul now sits upon a star reflecting at the journeys of lifetimes that I have experienced, I am at peace knowing that the sufferings I experienced in this lifetime have ceased.  The gifts that came from the sufferings will be embedded into my soul and my next incarnation will be free of that particular pain, as I have chosen to embrace the wisdom within the suffering and thus releasing all attachments to it.

I choose not a tombstone, but instead to be scattered along the pine trees in the thick of the forest.  Instead of holding onto memories of me in this lifetime, it is more important that people remember that within themselves lies their own value and potential.  I know in my heart that this is not the end and I will meet many again.


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