kindergarten to high school

It wasn’t the Star Wars backpack and plastic lunchbox.  It wasn’t shiny new shoes and coordinating shorts and polo shirt.  And it wasn’t kindergarten.

As I watched my youngest head out the door to high school, my heart was tender for the time that flew by at lightening speed and tender for the young man who he has become.  The memories of the Star Wars backpack and the eagerness to be a big kid were present as he gathered his stuff and headed out the door to high school.

Pride filled me as I saw a young man completely comfortable with who he is.  He is confident and self-assured.  He is a young man that is wise.  He believes in the value of authenticity.  Wiser than his 14 years, he demonstrates compassion, acceptance, and love everyday.

Still asking questions about how the world works, he reminds me to always be curious.  To always inquire.  To always seek. As a little boy I had to ask for a break because my ears hurt.  Today, I am grateful he keeps asking and he listens to the response.

The boy is pure joy, pure happiness, and provides hours of laughter.  He sees the difference he makes in his sister’s life by making her laugh.  He sees that he creates joy.  In kindergarten he asked if he could go eat with the 3rd graders because his sister didn’t have any friends.  Today they may pass-by each other during lunch. And I would guess, he might just stop and make her smile because he is that kind of brother.

The next chapter in his life has begun.  I look forward to turning each page knowing that he is capable of creating a beautiful life.


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