It seems

Why is it that when the heart is yearning for something outside of what we think life should be giving us, we miss what life has simply put in front of us?

For me it is sometimes missing the value of friendship that gets lost in the hurry of life.   It is the connection to human beings often mistaken for skepticism. Or the pain that is hidden beneath a mask of insecurities and isolation.

In the moments when it seems that life is filled with distractions it is easy to miss the gifts in the now;  the friend reaching out to connect,  the internal desire to speak your truth,  the pull towards something that you may not truly understand, and yet that which keeps calling you.

It seems that the events in  life are opportunities to remember to trust that you know yourself well enough to  go through life in alignment with your hearts desires and your actions. To remember that this life, is your life.  To say yes to the calling within.


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