To be free

The wise gull says, “We choose our next world through what we learn in this one; learn nothing and the next world is the same.  The same limitations, the same lead weights to overcome.” 

During this time of deeper self-discovery, I am challenged by the echoes of the voices inside my own head and by the stories that lie untouched in my soul.  These stories that are stored safely behind the door that has only recently begun to be opened. As the door cracks open and light is allowed to shine on the painful stories of the soul, I strive to overcome the limitations that shackle me knowing that when I do, I will be free.

I yearn to be empowered and to know and believe in my unlimited perfection. I yearn to have healing and to know the true meaning of kindness and of love.  I yearn for freedom.

Freedom is the very nature of your very being.  That what stands against that freedom must be set aside. Be it ritual, or superstition, or limitation of any form.”


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