Each morning I walk a trail that follows a pasture where the early morning stirrings of cows are heard in the near distance.  Sometimes the cows walk along side me as I make my way up the trail to the pond area.  From my peripheral vision I can see the movement of the herd matching my steps and I experience such a feeling of connection.  I stop in my steps and they continue on in rhythm with nature.

During this morning walk I also notice the thousands of birds that awake to the sun with song.  Each morning they make their way out of the wetlands and venture of for the day.  Thousands of black birds overhead as the sun peeks over the horizon flying past, again in rhythm with nature.

As I made my way into my neighborhood this evening I noticed the moon in the sky.  The sun was beginning to set.  It was then that I noticed the thousands of black birds making their way home to the pond.  It was just this morning on my walk that I watched overhead as they began their day.  Again, in rhythm.

I notice the sounds of cows stirring and the grazing on the dewy grass.  I notice the sounds of the birds wings flapping in harmony as the sky lights up and the colors that the sky awakens to each morning. I notice the smell of  the morning air and the depth of my breath as I walk fast.

In rhythm like the cows and the birds.  In rhythm like the sun rising and the moon appearing.  I am One with nature, with Life. In rhythm.



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