The Healer

This afternoon, standing next to the stall I met my healer.  As my hands first smoothed over his coat I knew the strength within him. Unknowingly, this beautiful being would unlock and open doors within me that have long since shut.  The presence of his soul overshadowing the size of this body. The strength in his body coupled with the smoothness of his coat and the softness of his eyes. My new friend, Sioux, an Arabian.

We walked along side one another, circling the Medicine Wheel.  Hesitation present in me and patience present in him.  Each time we circled, he stopped at the East.  He was calm and slow like honey.  He stood there in all his glory showing me what it meant to be still and listen.

Again, we walked.  And again, he stopped.  Sleepy, he appeared.

We moved together to the center of the Wheel where my special friend led me towards the door that needed to be opened.  It was with the guidance of Sioux’s owner and the presence of Sioux, the door flung open and together, we both woke up.

It was then that we walked in rhythm and with harmony. As I pushed him away I gazed out to my horizon knowing that he was there to show me what it meant to let go, to be still, and to know…

Know Value.  Know Stillness.  Know Me.



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