It isn’t that I am quitting or giving up.  I have done what I needed to do and now I am ready to move forward with what has been calling me for years.  I cannot say that I am completely finished with college, but for now something else is calling me.

I have proven to myself that I can successfully pass college levels courses.  I have proven that I am smart.  I have immensely enjoyed learning and pushing myself beyond what I thought I could ever do.

But it was during my fit last week of attempting to solve the next 4 years scheduling problems, a wise woman gently reminded me that a master’s degree will not define you, only you define you.  Ah….yes.

I am ready to peel back another layer of me and look within. I know that something magnificent resides there and that is what my heart is calling me to do next.  I can confidently finish this semester knowing that I have done what I needed to do on the journey of self-discovery and now it is time to practice a different kind of ambition.

It is time and I am more than ready.


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