He entered his labyrinth with a belief that he was indestructible and righteous.  He believed that he was invincible and that the world owed him everything.

I watched his self-destruction, over and over, as he found himself stuck within the walls of his own limiting beliefs and behaviors.  It mattered not what I thought of him, but instead what he thought of himself.

Shattered by heartache and loss and angered by other people’s inability to love and to be responsible, I watched with horror as he entered into the depths of the labyrinth hoping with all the hope a momma could have, that he would someday come out.

For months there was darkness.  Fear, worry, sleepless nights and an incredible pain that encompassed each day. I wondered if he would ever make the turn back. When there was a glimmer of light it was quickly shadowed by another life-learning choice.

It is as if I am now waking from a deep sleep and the sky is beginning to lighten.  The darkness has faded to reveal a man walking out of his labyrinth.  In a dream like way, I see this man emerging from a field where the sun is so bright I cannot make out his face, but yet, he is so very familiar.  I am blinded by the brightness that comes from his very being.  Finally, I see his face and it is him.

A changed man with the world in front of him.



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