An Outrage

In a devastating Medicaid cut, I learned yesterday that my daughter’s home health care services have been drastically reduced. The spiraling effect to this devastation is immeasurable.

It begins with the immediate financial crisis.  I have essentially lost one of my full-time jobs.  Making my mortgage payment will be a challenge in a few months when the reserve is empty.

Certainly I can get an evening job waiting tables, brewing coffee, or straightening towels at a department store.  This would mean that my developmentally disabled daughter that has received home health care in the evenings would no longer even have her mother around, much less have me providing the care she has been receiving.  Let’s not forget to mention I wouldn’t be home to see her younger brother, write those college papers, and to prepare dinner.

As a 17-year-old girl edging closer to adult status, this means that her long-term care is also greatly reduced.  The impact here is that when she is 30 and still working on the daily living skills and care that her disability prevents her from learning, there will likely be no services.  She isn’t going to wake up at age 32 and suddenly be able to go out and obtain employment and move into her own apartment.  She will always need supervision.  How does one supervise and make a living?

It is hard enough to have a child with a disability.  Having an adult-child with a disability is as hard, if not harder.

Not having rightly deserved government-funded programs to assist with the care of a person with disability is an outrage.



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