Sit and wait

It is not like I haven’t endured changes before or received news that, at the time appeared to be devastating.

I have learned in the last three years that everything–regardless of how awful it seems at the time–is an opportunity to grow.  The most challenging times can offer the most rewarding outcomes.

Over the last two weeks I have lost two jobs, my girls case manager has changed, my house is on the market and I spent time in the ER ruling out horrible things.  Challenging times I would say.

So I sit quietly and wait.  I know that something wonderful is about to emerge.  The labor pains of change are often the hardest right before the birth of something great.

 Even if something’s not perfect, it’s on its way there. Open your heart, take your hands off the wheel and let the trajectory self-correct.-Marianne Williamson


2 thoughts on “Sit and wait

  1. Indeed, coincidentally these last 3 years for me also have been very challenging, most of which required endurance and patience, i don’t know how hard your past years have been, but i can tell you this, that endurance is the single most firm attribute a person can ever get.

    So don’t be down, have faith and hope, and patience, it always bears fruit.

    Good luck.

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