During this time of Thanksgiving I am reminded that it is within each experience there is an opportunity to find grace and to find gratitude. Being a parent has brought forth many experiences in which to find and practice gratitude.  It is because of them, I continue to blossom.

My girl reminds me everyday that without her being exactly as she is, I would not be exactly who I am.  It is with her gifts of goodness and challenges, I have unfolded into who I am.  She has provided me with the ability to know and become compassion.  She has offered me patience and acceptance.  She brings me simplicity.  She is the constant reminder of purpose.

My oldest son brings to me diligence and faith.  He brings to my life opportunities to trust and to look forward, instead of backward. He challenges me to believe in a human being’s ability to overcome obstacles and have endurance within difficult times.  He helps me to know my boundaries.

My youngest grounds me.  He offers me wisdom and a deep sense of belonging.  When I am with him, I feel like we have danced this dance many times before.  He brings me immeasurable amounts of laughter and joy.  His courage and sense of right is astounding.  He is a seeker of equality and is the voice for others.

As I enter into this week of Thanksgiving  I know that I will be reminded by each one of my children the gifts that they have brought to me;  acceptance, endurance, and courage.

And for that, I am grateful.


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