She lived to lead

Together, we found ourselves.  Together, we found our purpose.

She woke up everyday with the intent that her purpose was to lead me along a trail.  The days we made it out on the trail were days when she had purpose.

Miles and miles we traveled along mountain trails.  Twelve years of hiking and soul searching.  She was my guide as I made my way through unfamiliar trails and through unfamiliar feelings and changes in my life.

She lived for days spent on a trail.  Always a hundred feet ahead with frequent checks to make sure I was coming.  She lead with purpose.

She watched the kids grow up.  She pulled them through the snow tied to a sled. She barked at the birds.  She had a watchful presence.  She liked to walk along the fence to scratch her back. She slept in the warm sun.  Her skin was itchy and she longed to roll in the cool grass.  She never gave up. She knew the words ‘waldo canyon’. She kicked her legs fast when her belly was scratched.  She liked her food to be softened.  She was dedicated.

Mostly, she loved each of us with her whole heart.  She was a great dog and a great companion.

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