more catching up…reverb11 style

I am bouncing around the reverb sites for prompts that suit me.  Call it crazy, I call it an act of empowering myself to choose.

Day 4

Healing:  What healed you this year?

I healed the emotional connection to body image.  I healed my heart and forgave.  I healed my wounded little girl.  I healed my “mistakes” (again) and saw them as wonderful stones that I laid my feet upon along my journey.


Day 5

The Movie. If a film were made about ONE thing that happened to you in 2011, what would the film be called and what would be the plot?

I don’t watch movies, in fact I mostly loathe them.  I get anxiety that even the thought of sitting for 2+hours…yes, sitting for 2+ hours. In my mind it is a grueling task that popcorn makes somewhat tolerable. But, if there were to be a movie about my life this year, I would want it to be about my relationship with my two dogs that died this year.  The title would be Trails.

The movie would display the depth of emotion that was exchanged between pet and owner.  The movie would accurately describe what Brooklyn gave to me simply by example–love, joy, present moment living, commitment, and the ability to forgive.  Pepper would be shown as the dog that displayed purpose.  Through her unique individuality she showed me what it means to protect and to lead with confidence.

The movie would end with a woman grateful for the thousands of miles spent soul-searching with her two best friends.  Together they searched for meaning and together they found it does  indeed exist.


Day 6

Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2012?

1. Stress

2. Hectic days spent searching for ease.  I will have ease.

3. Dogs dying.

4. Negative self-thoughts.

5. People that insist they know everything.

6. Financial worries.

7. Prejudice and hatred.

8. Health issues.

9. Inconsistency.

10. People that diminish others.

11. People, events, or experiences that take away my vital energy.


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