reverb11…lesson learned

Day 11

Lesson Learned: What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

This lesson has inevitably surfaced in my life on countless occasions in a variety of ways over the span of my life.  I believe that it is just one of many important soul assignments that I needed to discover while spending time as me this time around.

The ability to speak your truth lesson.  The one that nudges at you and, through repeated events, offering a person the opportunity to listen and act upon that little voice inside.

I knew that when I was gifted the opportunity to take something as beautiful as my girl’s story and my passion for Yoga and blend them into something wonderfully giving to this community, I would be faced with challenges.  Indeed I was challenged.  Differences in the vision was the challenge that asked me to speak my truth.

Through the heated conversations and debates, I knew that my little voice inside was begging to be heard.  I knew the feeling in my gut on that Saturday afternoon as I watched and listened to words being exchanged.  I knew that those words did not have alignment with the hope and vision I had in mind. I knew that in order for this to be a success, I had to maintain my truth.

From speaking my truth, Embracing Spirit Yoga, has become exactly what I had hoped it to be.  It is a successful pathway for people with unique abilities to experience Yoga and to be valued exactly as they are.  Yoga is brought into senior homes, assisted living centers, day programs and rehab centers.  It is in these classes, I get to bring sunshine to the lives of others and I experience the value of being of service.

I am not sure what might have happened if I had not listened and acted upon my inner wisdom.  I do know for sure that I would have been offered more and more opportunities to speak my truth.  

I also know for sure that holding this amazing gift close to my heart is what was needed and that through that protectiveness I displayed for my girl and for my vision, Embracing Spirit Yoga is destined to do great things.




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