reverb11…take a stand

Take a stand:  In 2011, what wrongs (big or small) did you attempt to right? How did you help make the world a better place? Why did you do it?

Appealing a State Medicaid decision that cut 70% of my girl’s home health care cuts was my BIG stand.

40 years ago this state moved away from institutions for people with disabilities to a home-based health service model.  Earlier this year, the state decided that home-based health services are the responsibility of the parent and funds were cut.

Having home health care services means that she receives support and funding  for the aspects of her life that are impacted by her disabilitie(s).  She gets support for daily living skills and ensuring that she is healthy and safe.  Certainly this is something a parent does….what becomes tricky is the needs of the child require trained skills to be given to the child. And in my case as she moves into the adult world, I wanted to make sure she would receive the care that she needs and that it wouldn’t have to fall on the parent.

Hours and hours of paperwork collection, letters to get written, sleepless nights, preparation for the hearing all came to an end just hours before I met with the judge.

Decision:  The State is re-evaluating the process in which they cut services and for now, all her hours were given back. A huge win for many families!

My stand was added to many families that also took a stand and appealed the decision.   My part was a small part in a bigger process that helped the State to stop cutting funds and for now, listen to the families.



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