Week of the year

As a little girl I often spent new years eve at my grandmothers house. On the morning of a new year, my grandmother would ask that we go to the back door and kick the old year out by saying thank you and then go to the front and graciously welcome the new year in.

The week between Christmas and New Years is my favorite week of the year.

For me this is the week when all of my unresolved spiritual work of the year come to light. I take this week to look back on my journal, beginning with my first entry of the year and delve into my story of 2011. I so love to reflect on the year, the path in which I took, the gifts of challenges and joy that showed up.

I find great satisfaction during this week as I find myself quieter and with more stillness. This week is often spent in a deep settling as the dust of the hectic holidays fall away. A newness is emerging and a gratefulness for what has been in present. Little did I know that the tradition my grandmother offered me would be the seeds of a beautiful practice in my life.


One thought on “Week of the year

  1. I haven’t kept a true journal for myself since I was a little girl. I love the thought of you looking back over your story of 2011 this week. I do the same with photos, I just ordered all of my 2011 photos, minus the last week and had a flood of memories come back with them.

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