Turning 40 last year was a remarkable thing for me.  As I turned 41 yesterday I spent some time on a hike reflecting not only on the past year, but really on my entire life.

I wondered what it was like to take that first breath.  I wondered how my parents greeted me.  I wondered when I first felt sadness.  I wondered when I learned what doubt was.

I reflected on my life and on my soul’s purpose to be me.  As if a movie was playing in my mind, I recalled events and people in my life that touched me in ways that I now realize were contracts.  Contracts to teach or to receive.  Contracts to love.  Contracts to experience deep pain.  Contracts to learn what compassion is.

As the movie continued I looked to the more recent year of my life and what it offered me.  I know that for me, turning 40 meant empowerment.  No longer shackled to the ideas of old beliefs, I blossomed.  I released.  I surrendered. I loved.

The tiny little me that came into this world to learn worth and to learn truth.  Grateful.


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