Freedom through the breath

The body does not know the next breath. It is not able to go back to the breath a minute go, much less five years ago. The body can only be in this breath.

Imagine if we could take that lesson into our thoughts, words, experiences, and actions. We would no longer hold onto the past and we would not seek fulfillment in the future. Instead, we would graciously look at the very moment of existence that is ours, in this moment and in this breath.

Our words that were spoken in haste would not be replayed in our minds. Our childhood experiences that brought pain would not be held with attachment in the present. Our experiences that are perceived as challenges would not be the mud that our feet stay stuck in.

Freedom would exist. Freedom to live without the constraints of the past and the expectations for the future.

Freedom. Breathe in and breathe out.


2 thoughts on “Freedom through the breath

    • Kim…yes words can sting for a long time. I find that when I can focus on the now and what thoughts I have now, what words I say now, and how I feel now….I begin to realize that even those hurtful words that where spoken to me or by me, was where I was at then, or where the other reason was at. Sometimes it is useful for me to chalk up someone else’s harshness to their own issues and hold a imaginary glass wall in front of me allowing the words to bounce off as if they were rubber balls.

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