Nature’s Lessons

Three days of blustery wind gusts. Interesting to me how nature can remind me that the external chaos of life offers a chance to practice staying grounded and centered.

Just as the wind can howl through the trees in a fit of rage and the swirling of dust and dirt create an unsettling, our own lives can become a blustery storm of chaos. Too many times we say yes to things that take away from our internal peace. We put too many items on the to-do list. We stretch ourselves to the point of constant commitment. And this is how we create our own blustering winds.

Today I choose to hold my arms out wide, let the wind take with it what is not needed. I also choose to look at my life and see where the internal and external gusts of blustery chaos exist.

I cannot change nature, but I can change my own storms.

Breathing in the blessings, breathing out gratitude.


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