Beckett says

We must all learn to wag. Wag your way into joy and splendid moments of bliss. Just wag.

As a teacher to me, I am certain that my recently rescued border collie mix says this words. For him, learning to wag has been part of his journey of trusting and experiencing joy.

What if we, as humans, could so easily experience life from the perspective of a dog? Certainly this dog had some hurdles to overcome in order to wag, but I believe that he is here remind me that LIFE itself can be a hurdle.

This amazing dog came to me with over 15 puncture wounds, filthy and skinny from a life on the streets. He knew a life of pain and a life of fear. He certainly had no reason to, nor did he even know how to wag. And yet, despite a short life of horrific events he has managed to learn to wag. He now enjoys an endless supply of belly scratches, being tucked in each night, and daily walks and squirrel patrol. The fear and pain are distant memories and he now has learned to wag.

We all have a past filled with stories and experiences. Some of our pasts are more horrific than others.

Yet we choose to either live in fear, or we can learn to wag.

I choose to wag. Thanks for the lesson, Beckett.



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