It simply is

Many years ago I attended a yoga workshop and was challenged by the teachers words. I have since learned that often when something presents in your life that rattles you, it is often worth listening a little better to.

At that point in my life with my girl, I was attached to the diagnosis and the label. I wanted to call it something, without yet fully understanding the it. I remember saying to the teacher that she was “suffering” and he challenged me to look at just who might be suffering. Of course, in that moment I had no idea it was me that was perceiving to be suffering.

Years of finding myself, both on and off the mat, I have such peace in my heart when I realize that the attachment to anything it no longer exists. I am completely at peace with my girl and more outward than her, I am able to go into teach yoga at a residence for people living with traumatic brain injury and have absolutely no need to know how the injury occurred or what kind of life the people may have had prior to the injury.

It simply is. In this moment, it simply is. There is no suffering in this moment. It is exactly right. How freeing is that??


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