Witnessing a snippet of the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury can be a confusing experience of both sadness and inspiration.

Knowing that this person in front of me had a life before the accident opens my heart to tenderness. Before the accident and before he lost his memory. Before the moment when his motorcycle lost control. When he had a home and a family that he knew. When he had friends and memories of good times. Before.

Now he has a memory book and an ID bracelet that reminds him of the name people call him. Now he has a schedule that tells his what to do each day. He is learning what it means to budget and to go grocery shopping. He lives in a group home and he is learning to take care of himself.

And somehow, our paths have crossed and I am humbled to be witness to his journey. I leave our time together wondering. And I leave with a sense of sadness for the path in which, in an instant, his life turned. I feel sadness for the devastation his family must be experiencing. And yet, I feel inspired at the ability of the human body and the human spirit. I feel honored to share space with him and I wonder that gifts he is here to offer me.

I know for sure that knowing this man has given me a different outlook to everything that I do that has the potential for a head injury. From hiking to driving to riding my bike.

I know for sure that he is an example of pure light and determination. I know for sure that he inspires…..and I know for sure, that I am grateful.


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