Finding me

My latest spiritual deepening comes from The Book of Awakening, written by Mark Nepo. It is a rich and wonderfully insightful daily reading that both grounds and opens me.

Yesterday Nepo wrote about finding ourselves within the aspects of nature. He offered an idea of learning from nature–how the stone cracks to let light in, how the fish learns to reach the surface and then dive back down, how the flower opens to receive the light of day.

Nepo suggested a quiet reflection of what draws one to nature. What is it that keeps calling?

I know that I am drawn to the deepest and darkest place within the canyon. It is here I notice the floor of the forest, scattered with leaves and needles, as my feet take step after step. I am drawn to the quiet of the seclusion of this part of the trail. I have fondness for looking up the trees rather than being above. I enjoy the quiet sounds of the forest friends.

I sense that my connection to this aspect of nature is correlation to my desire for groundedness and quiet. I am one that prefers quiet over noise, (mostly) alone over crowds, and simple over grandiose. Of all the beautiful places that surround me, my favorite place is the forest floor beneath the immense boulders and thousands of trees.

It is here that I find me.


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