It is not like I don’t know what I need to be doing. I absolutely do. I teach it in every single yoga class I teach.  Honor your body.  Yes, HONOR YOUR BODY.  

Two weeks out from a simple scope of my knee to remove nasty cartilage that I, ironically injured while teaching yoga three years ago, I am not healing as anticipated.  

Could it be that the doctors idea of “active” is much different than mine?  Why yes that could be a huge consideration.  

Could it be that my autoimmune disease is playing unfair? Yep that too.

Could it be that I am not a patient person? Well yes.  

I know what I need to do.  I know what lies in front of me as a barrier.  

The second ‘fold’ on the four fold path of yoga that I often refer to is: tell the truth. That means that on the mat your are aware of your body, its limitations, and you kindly tell the truth.  Going deeper into a pose so that you look a bit more like the cover of the Yoga Journal while your ego inflates and your body screams in anguish is an example of not telling the truth.  Off the mat, well, telling the truth means telling the truth. 

So I ask myself am I telling the truth?  Am I resting, icing, elevating enough? Am I willing to surrender into the fact that my knee has been poked, prodded, cut, and scraped?  Am I willing to see that a day spent icing and elevating is not going to make the world stop spinning?  

Am I willing to honor my body?  Which might mean a day on the couch, a day not spent serving others, but instead serving me.  A day when I rest, and not work.  A day when I completely surrender to healing.

A day.  Or perhaps two.  


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