As I left the building and walked to my car, my throat began to feel that tight feeling that comes when the heart begins to open and the emotions rise up.  I sat in my car for a moment and wondered what just happened.  I wondered how did I end up in this place, with those beautiful souls, sharing space with them in the way that I just did?

Matters not right now the how and the why, instead what matters is the way that they have touched my core.  The way that they inspire me.  The example of grace that is them.

Grace in the way that they courageously show up to life.  Grace in the way that they appreciate each moment.  Grace in their gratitude.  Grace in their presence.  Grace in their willingness to say yes.

Memory books replace the books that you and I might read. Daily tasks of self care require help.  Independence is something that was once a given, is now a goal.

They show up, one by one, making their way to the space where we share yoga.

Each person in the room has a sense of raw, soul level living.  The soul shines beyond the body that is limited.  The graceful presence of their light fills the room with love.

What I know for certain, within these amazing people I see, is the dissolving of an ego.  No longer is there a sense of more or of less. There is a beautiful state of acceptance that can only come from a lack of ego.  There is no more a need to achieve, instead a beautiful surrender to the moment.  The moments are filled with joy and with love.  While their bodies are unable to do what was once easy and without effort, their hearts and their souls emit a force beyond powerful.

As I stopped to say goodbye and shake hands, with difficult speech he said, “when your light shines on me and my light shines”.

…namaste. Indeed namaste.


3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am currently living with people with disabilities and your words really resonated with my experience here. Everything they do is filled with so much grace, so much understanding of what it means to be living in the moment. Thanks for sharing!

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