yes mother

It is really meaningless to her.  What is the purpose in telling someone you love them? To her it is a given and definitely not needed to share.

Today I gave her a checklist. I was in and out working all day and I needed to ensure that she ate lunch and came out of her cave.  Her brothers do a good job but a list often does a better job.

The list included a variety of tasks.  Eat lunch, wash your bedding, play with the dogs, have a healthy snack, and the push—text your mother that you love her.  Here is how it came down:

Me: did you see your list?

Her: Yes mother

Hours passed.

Her: I am finished with my list.

Me: I did not get a text.

Her: I maybe love you.

Me: I maybe love you too.

Her: Mom, I know you love me.  Don’t play me like that.

Autism.  I love it.


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