Heartbreak in attachment

This sent to me from a dear friend…just what I needed:

It’s time to focus that healing energy inward.  You do so much for so many others that you have an expectation for you that you don’t have time for this and maybe the universe is saying…if you don’t have time, you will make time.  Find patience – between the pain that takes your breath away and the tears that cry out across a hurting body…it is so hard.  But find patience and acceptance for what is.  Because this too shall pass.  Focus on you.  Healing your body, mind and heart.  Allow this time for you to practice letting go and honoring the process.  It’s a journey.  It’s all a journey!  Right now you’re on a bumpy dirt road with a flat tire and very little gas.  And that’s ok, because you know in your heart that’s not where you’ll be for long!

Your heartbreak is part of attachment.  A plan, the next step….Our plans don’t always unfold in the time we set forth.  

Who knows, maybe there’s someone you’re supposed to meet …and they’re not ready yet – so the universe is holding you back. 

~Thanks Amanda.


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