Internal gratitudes

Almost everyday I make time to write down things that I am grateful for.  Instead of the typical, external, and easy to come up with gratitude like family, house, friends, ya-da ya-da, I have made it a point to instead look internally and notice the stuff that others may not see.

Lately my gratitudes have been more like this:

  • courage
  • honesty
  • the ability to receive
  • a compassionate reaction
  • mindful listening
  • stillness
  • choice
  • being vulnerable

I believe that when we can recognize qualities within ourselves, we may then be able to see and acknowledge those qualities in others, which to me is the basis of compassion.  Remember the old saying that in order to love another, you must first love yourself? Indeed this practice offers you a chance to see the qualities within that you may be seeking in others.

Give it a try…you might just learn more about who you are.


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