Words cannot explain to a non-dog person what happens to a dog-mommy’s heart when that sweet face of fur sighs into their last breath.  The emptiness that fills the heart.  The loneliness that comes.

The days that follow when a dog dies can also be  difficult to explain. The heart aches at the sight of the empty bowl, the untouched leash, the favorite toy in the yard.  The emptiness when you no longer hear the pitter patter sounds of happy feet along the floor and see the wagging tail frantically displaying their love can be solemn reminders of the loss.

He was my best friend.

So what if he had four legs.  He was my soul-companion.  He was my teacher.  He was my guide.

Perhaps somewhere his soul sits upon a star considering what next Earth mission his soul is choosing to take part in.  Perhaps he is already here again, showing someone else unconditional love and grace.

I know that for me when I look at his picture my heart fills with the love that he gave me.  The memories of the trails, the soul-searching, and the consistent love that he displayed all stay nestled deep within my heart.

I know our paths will cross again.  I know that I will someday share space with this soul.



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