Mother’s Day to me

All the flowers, candy, cards, and breakfasts in bed cannot compete with the intangible gifts that I have received being the mom of three amazing kids.

My oldest has given me an opportunity to practice patience.  He has opened up my heart to my own pain and offered me a chance to look at how I react to people and situations.  He gives great hugs and reminds me of the power of believing in yourself.  He is likely to be the one kid that gifts me with an orange haired grand-baby as his ginger beard glistens like his momma’s hair.

The girl has given me the ability to learn and practice unconditional love.  She has offered me acceptance, simplicity, and innocence.  Although she refuses to hug me and I get the rare texts of love, I see the way she looks at me.  Watches me.  Love me.  Words are not needed.

My youngest son has given me the gift of laughter.  From birth he has brought to me humor, joy, silliness, and the never-ending questions.  His incessant need to know has shown me what it means to seek.  He offers kindness and compassion like no other.

I am so grateful that each one of these amazing souls picked me to be their mom.   They have been my greatest blessing, my greatest accomplishment, and my greatest source of love.


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