the gust

The last month has been like the wind taking the dandelion seeds off the stem in a single gust.  Scattered into the unknown the seeds settle into a new place ready to transform.  The timing of the gust is exactly right.  Where the seeds land is exactly right.  What comes next is exactly right.

As I have been gifted with the opportunity to have my life in an instant be blown into a different direction I am practicing a daily ritual of acceptance.  At times I am in awe of how just one month ago, my life was filled beyond its capacity with an output of energy.  Teaching seven or eight yoga classes per week, working  in my day job, working in my evening job, always having my girls needs in the back of my mind, my boys, a relationship, dogs to be walked, and everyday tasks all an output of my love and energy.

The universe somehow knew that I would not respond to a subtle cue to slow down.  Instead, the universe demanded that I stop.  Just like the dandelion, a soft breeze would not be enough–a gust is what it would take to make a change happen.



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