the early garden

There is something wonderful that comes over me when I am kneeling on the ground with my hands in the garden. Perhaps it is the smell of the earth so close to my nose or perhaps it is the warm soil under my fingers. Whatever it is, there is a peacefulness that comes when I spend time nurturing those tiny little seeds.

Day after day I find myself drawn to the garden. I arrange the rapidly growing pea tendrils as they climb the trellis, I pick out the tiny blades of grass that appear out of nowhere, I notice the small yellow flowers that are opening on the tomato plants.  And in doing this, my mind becomes clear and I am practicing present time awareness. It is here that I might discover something about myself.  I might get an answer to a question that I have been pondering.  I might have a memory that may have been lost in the busy activities of the day.

The beginning of summer when the seeds begin to take shape into a plant that will offer a bounty of goodness is a reminder to me of the fullness of life.  It is also a reminder of the pace in which nature moves. It is a reminder that with love and attention almost anything can grow into something beautiful.


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