In my recent quest for reclaiming simplicity in my life, I realized today that I need to not look any further for an example than to my sweet girl.  So often I get lost in the madness of the world and it takes a torrential downpour of events for me to once again check in with my life, my choices, and my ability to live in balance.  And yet, I am lucky enough to live with the example of simplicity…my girl.

First, in a reminder of the simplicity that is her, I noticed the other day when we were out to lunch (as her arms were filled with a favorite coloring book and her new purse) that when someone asked her how old she was there was the double-take reaction from the person that happens more often than not.  Most people wouldn’t notice the subtle second glance and visual scan to the items in her arms or the mismatched “soft clothes but I notice it.  Over time I have gotten used to the looks and even find humor in the judgements or expectations that society has on what ‘normal’ 18 year old girls look like.  Simplicity is in her soft clothes, items that make her happy, and a passion for some good chips and salsa.  Who really cares about the rest?

Second, take the girl to the library and she is good for another three weeks.  Stop to grab a dollar ice cream cone and it is beyond pleasure.  No need for much more than that.

Third, she is completely okay with a day at home.  She has no need for continual entertainment or stimulation. She finds happiness and peace in her space with some music and the things she loves.  There is rarely the day when she wants something more than what she has.

Fourth, and most important of how she is an example of  simplicity is her ability to be absolutely okay with life as it is.  The merry-go-round lifestyle that most of attempt to enjoy does not exist for her.  She has an innate knowing of when to eat, when to sleep, when to seek out entertainment, and when to be alone.  She does not wonder what others think or wonder what others are doing.

Finally, she has never expressed that she wishes that her life was anything other than what it is.

That is the simplicity that I seek.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. I have a son a little like your daughter. Not the same diagnosis, but the same ability to love and accept life for what it is. I love the liberation you describe of no longer worrying what people think.

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