As a follow-up to my desire to return to a life of simplicity and to promote my own healing from my injury, I sent out my leave of absence letter to all my clients that I have been blessed to share Yoga with this past year.  While the heartache of making this decision was grueling, there was also a great sense of peace knowing that I am making this decision with the deepest amount of integrity and desire for wellness.

When I began this blog I had no idea that one day the blog would inspire someone else that would eventually lead to an amazing opportunity to do what I believe has been one of the most graceful experiences of my life.  Teaching Yoga to people with life challenges under the name of Embracing Spirit Yoga has been an honor beyond my own imagination.

My hope is that during this leave of absence my focus will be on healing and I can return to the clients I serve with an even better understanding of the body and its relation to life challenges that impact our daily living.  Through the practice of Yoga, I hope that I can offer them some personal insights and new paths to health.

And in the meantime, I intend to enjoy simplicity in my healing.


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