Being Peace

Amazing what happens on a piece of squishy rubber that is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide.  Tears fall from the eyes, the ego is shattered, the quiet voice gets louder, and the body surrenders into a place of no tension.

To be on the ‘student’ side of the Yoga room and to receive all that goodness that be received in a Yoga class was bliss. Each aspect held its own beautiful space in my heart; the intention was freedom, the dedication that came to me was for my sweet friend, and the asana was easy and graceful.

Freedom to be exactly where I was at on the mat was real.  Real in the sense that I had many postures that I could not access and many that caused pain.  The intention to have freedom in that, knowing that wherever I was at, was exactly right.  Freedom to know when to stop.  Freedom to let go of the ego and surrender.

To dedicate a practice to someone, sending all the positive energy within and through the movements to that person or collective group, was healing.  Stepping outside of my own thoughts and judgements to dedicate me own positive energy became a mantra within my head and I could see her sweet face.  Knowing that as the peace within me grew, I was sending it to her.

I had the ability to move and breathe throughout the practice with grace.  There came a time during the asana practice that certain movements caused pain and I allowed my beautiful body to be.  To just be.  I chose to not push through any pain, but instead become more aware of my body and what did not cause pain.  The awareness and the acceptance was also healing. In the end in my sweet savasana, tears rolled down my cheeks as I allowed myself to be called back to the natural state of being peace.

As I left the class in a place of serenity, my mind went back to the previous day when I left a different kind of class–one where the heart rate was high, the music was loud, and my body was sore.  I compared the sense of well-being that I had leaving yoga and the achiness and elevation in sensory expression that I had leaving the other.

I think that 24X72 rubber mat is a much better place for me to find healing, and to be peace.


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