Judgement Revoked

I admit it.  I judged someone and in turn I was given a wonderful chance to do my own work.

Some may call me a yoga teacher snob.  You know the type–won’t take classes if it isn’t your favorite teacher.  Well, I entered into tonight’s class as the yoga student that internally groaned when she was disappointed to find her not so favorite teacher at the front of the class.  A few thoughts ran quickly across my mind–should I just leave, nobody would notice, class hasn’t even started, etc.

Such shame. And what a judgement to lay onto someone.

By the end of the class my body was feeling better than when it went in, but more importantly my heart was feeling a whole lot more open and kindness pushed away the previous thoughts of judgement.  Instead, I now saw this wonderful lady as a human being, as a glorious teacher and guide, and as a compassionate and tender woman.

Judgement revoked. Lesson learned.


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