The reality

She can clean up dirty tables at the bagel shop. She can sort books at the library. She can even stuff envelopes for an office. She can talk about her favorite topics as long as someone else initiates.   She can start her laundry as long as there are no changes to the process.  As much as I see my girl has great skills in a variety of areas, I know the flip side of the reality.

She can’t advocate.  She can’t tell me when she is out of toilet paper.  She can’t stand to be in the backseat with someone else.  She hates her bedroom furniture re-arranged.  She can’t order her own food.  She can’t accurately count money.  She can’t determine the difference between an hour and a half a day.  She can’t call and get information about a movie time.  She can’t read a bus schedule. She can’t ask for help.

That is the reality.


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