It was a year ago today that a friend made a choice to end his life.

I spent time today thinking a lot about him and his presence in my life. Other days I see him when I walk past the mala he handmade for me. Every Thursday that I teach the morning gentle class that was once his class, I think of him. When I hear about Estes Park or Brule he enters my mind.

When I reflect on what his life brought to me it is clear.  His gift to me was to learn to honor and cherish the friendships in my life.  He has taught me that I should never be too busy to have lunch or coffee with a friend.  He also taught me that an email or phone call has the potential to change a life.

Thanks friend.  Fly free.


3 thoughts on “Charlie

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend honey, I lost my best friend last year too and she taught me a very similar lesson about cherishing friendship, life and so much else. Fly free Laura. x

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