Today, I am just done.

Done asking.  Done fighting.  Done.

My arms are thrown into the air with a sense of surrender.  Years of battling for what her IEP states, only to be discouraged and made to be “one of those parents”.

Well, today they win.

We will go on about our life.  She will find unpaid work.  She will live with me.  She will rely on her family for social outings.

Today I am walking away with dignity knowing that I gave it my all.

This is today.

Tomorrow I just might get the gloves back on and ring the bell for round two.


4 thoughts on “Today

  1. Keep your head up! We are here rooting for you! Tomorrow is another day! “Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone . . . appreciate what still remains . . . and look forward to what’s coming next.”

  2. The biggest challenge for me and my kiddos has been transition. Once they are out of school, they are mine alone. I feel “stuck” with these young adults who will always remain my children. I love them to pieces, but they will never work or live on their own.

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