To realize

The seed nestles into the soul without any thought of questioning its placement.  The seedling emerges in just the right amount of time.  The stalk grows into the perfect height.  The beauty of the flower turns toward the light to receive the life it needs to flourish.  And so it is that nature is my teacher.

Thinking of the absolute perfection of a seed, I saw clearly this morning how without effort or discomfort, the seed accepts the natural and divine timing of the universe.  I was specifically thinking about how a seed floats through the air, or is dropped from a bird’s mouth, to land in the spot of divine perfection.  In this spot, the seed grows into what it was intended to be.  Without effort and without judgement.

I know that the people in my life have been divinely chosen.  I know that all the experiences, challenges, and pain that have fed me, much like the water that feeds the seed, are divinely chosen.  I know that in my healthiest of states, I turn to the light to remember to be nourished by the source.  And my intention is to do this without effort and judgement.

Perhaps our greatest gift in this life is to realize the perfection in our existence.  To realize the perfection in the timing of events.  To realize the perfection in who is in our life to witness our beauty.


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