Body and Soul

The human body and the human spirit amazes me yet again. The innate knowing of what the body and soul needs is so evident if one would be willing to notice.

During the recent weeks of stress, my body and my soul sustained with an armor of endurance and courage. My soul was aligned with my purpose and I was moving through several very challenging situations with grace and with a flow of purpose.  Despite the emotional upheaval that these events caused, my body and my soul danced together with a rhythm that cannot be expressed easily in words.

Within an hour of a major resolution to the final hurdle, my body began to falter.  As if the pillars of strength began to crack, I experienced the noticeable fatigue that comes only when the adrenaline that has been my fuel that kept me going runs dry.  There was no more rush to keep me moving forward.  I was spent.

As I recognized this experience and how I no longer was needing to survive–in the spiritual sense–and no longer needing to protect, my body and my soul sought out rest and restorative healing.  As I walked this evening at a pace that nurtured me, I marveled at the way in which a human being can endure the hardest of times.


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